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Media relations
(Print, online, radio, TV) through audience targeting, messaging and social media marketing. Continually seeking new ideas, solutions, opportunities and, most importantly, inspiration for new ways to garner individual attention for each client within today's ever changing media landscape.
Event marketing
Production & Publicity. Create specific and impactful media campaigns for each event/Festival. Target the main audience through strategic media placements and build out the base to include media coverage for every facet of the event/Festival. Creatively introduce like minded partners to help expand awareness for event/Festival.
Not-For-Profit PR
Campaigns & Consulting. Work closely with each organization to help increase visibility and build awareness through strategic PR planning and execution. Help to expand their visibility through social media and video placements by creating engaging content and frequently sharing it on social media with effective/heartfelt videos to "tell the story".
Image consulting
Personal & Brand image consulting. Customize personal branding approaches and help to build a compelling online presence as well as offering coaching services which allows clients the opportunity to learn how to promote themselves better in a public setting.
Corporate PR/events
Create strong media portfolios for business leaders and CEOs. Generate unique media opportunities for each client via interviews and compelling platforms/forums to help build each business leader's brand awareness in the marketplace. Utilize like minded organizations and conferences to introduce CEO/business leaders to a wider audience.
Award Show PR
Award Show PR and post show media coordination. Work closely with artist/musician/band/author/actor from when the nomination is received, through the voting process, and finally to the red carpet and award ceremony. Post event coverage will include after-show parties, follow up media interviews, social media posting, etc.
Grammy Campaigns
"Grammy-centric" PR campaigns to strategically help to build awareness within the
NARAS/Grammy voting community. Each client will receive a unique and specifically tailored media campaign to help garner attention and build visibility. These campaigns generally run from 6-12 months in order to gain maximum results.